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The Grit City Fitness and Performance motto is "Let's Get Better Together". Our main objective at Grit City is to help people make progress one workout at a time. We allow all levels to participate successfully in a fun, challenging and safe environment. One of the immediate benefits of taking our classes is known as excess post oxygen consumption or "the after-burn effect". This an many other benefits specifically designed to help people yield a long list of results including; fat burning, muscle building and improving overall health.
We take pride in our welcoming gym community (family) and friendly staff that are committed to being THE BEST PART OF YOUR DAY. Our EXCLUSIVE Team Training sessions include high-intensity intervals, strength training, flexibility, hands-on coaching through kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells, and your own body. ... Led by energized coaches and exciting music. This isn't just another workout - this is a personal training session and ultimate fitness experience in a fun fitness experience.

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